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Online Database Applications That Turn Your Data Into Intelligence

Star Consultant has talented and certified CASPIO developers making online database applications


What We Do

We develope customized online database applications utilizing CASPIO App platform. The online database is customized to user's preference with business or program outcome in mind, in most cases, and based on the identified data sources that will be used to collect data needed by the organization to:

  • Measure whether actions, products or services are profitable
  • Identify where greatest expenses are and maximize revenue
  • Measure performance, progress, and outcomes

How Do We Make It Happen


  • Understanding Your Goals, Objectives, and Expectations
  • Keeping It Simple, Clean, & Better

Data Architecture With business or program outcome in mind

We develop a customized online database application that supports the process of standardizing how you collect, store, transform, distribute, and use data.

  • 01 Data Collection

    We will work with you to develop an application that ensure accurate, reliable, relevant, and timely data collection.

  • The application provides scalable data storage and secure at rest.

  • The application will have the capability of converting, cleansing, and structuring data into a usable format that can be analyzed to support decision making processes, and to drive the growth of your organization.

  • The application will have the capability to produce basic reports for tracking outputs and outcomes.


The future is data-driven

Data-driven decision-making entails using facts, metrics, and data to make strategic business decisions that align with your company's goals, objectives, and initiatives..


Sample Report

Top Selling Products

Shoes $5,828
Watches $4,508
Sun Glasses $3,239
Ear Phones $2,016



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